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Robot depanner (Muffins, Cupcakes, Croissants)

Our robotic depanner allows us to achieve a wide range of demoulding solutions. The same machinery allows products to be unmoulded in trays with or without paper cup and deposited
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Paper cup denester (Muffins, Cupcakes, Brownies)

The paper cup denester is essential in those industrial processes requiring an efficient and reliable paper cup denester system. The equipment can dispense paper cups of different types (paper, aluminum,
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Automatic multi-product slicer (Pizza, Pinsa, Focaccia, Sandwich)

Our new slicers with disc blades have been developed for the most demanding needs. Our slicer is entirely built in Stainless-steel and food-grade plastics and they can endure strict washing
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Topping dispenser for spices and dehydrated spices for pizza, focaccia, bread

Dehydrated spice dispenser (Pizza, Pinsa, Focaccia, Bread)

The spices dispenser is a fundamental unit for a pizza production line.
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Topping dispenser for croissants, donuts, Berliner

Pastry topping dispenser (Croissants, Donuts, Berliner, Muffins)

The topping dispenser is born to decorate the surface of any kind of large and small industrial pastry.
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Topping dispenser (Pizza, Pinsa, Focaccia, Cannelloni, Lasagna)

Topping dispensers are versatile, user-friendly machines needing just a minimal maintenance.
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