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Turnkey solutions

Decoration and injection Croissant line

Ova Projects manufactures decoration and injection croissant lines with productions of up to 125,000 croissants per hour. Thanks to our experience anf know-how, we can manufacture specific machinery to decorate
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Complete line for fried products (Donuts, Berliners, Long Johns)

Our industrial lines for donuts, Berliners, Long Johns and similar products are built with special attention in order to achieve a final product of excellent quality. Always offering the highest
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Complete line for muffins, cakes and brownies

Our industrial lines for muffins, cakes, cup-cakes and similar are carefully manufactured to achieve the highest quality for the final product.
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Complete line for cannelloni and lasagna

The line is developed according to production requirements and reaches up to 10.000 trays/hour on 4 rows
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Pizza topping line

Our pizza topping lines are tailored according to the customer's production needs.
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