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Injector for donut holes (Donut holes)

Our machinery organizes and injects fried products of small dimensions (donut holes). The special transport we have developed for this application, guarantees the ordering of the products and facilitates the
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Vertical injector for pizza

Pizza base injector (Pizza, Pinsa, Focaccia, Bread)

testo mancante
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Horizontal volumetric injector for pastry, croissants, buns

Pendulum horizontal volumetric injector for pastry (Croissants, Buns)

The horizontal injector enables an even filling of the product in all its length
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Vertical volumetric injector for muffins or other products on trays

Vertical volumetric injector (Muffins, Cupcakes, Cakes, Panettone, Croissants)

Vertical injectors for muffins, croissants and other products on trays are suitable for a fast and precise filling.
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Horizontal injector for pastry

Horizontal volumetric injector (Pastry, Buns)

Horizontal injectors enable to evenly fill the product in all its length.
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Vertical volumetric injector for fried pastry, donuts, Berliner, Long John

Vertical volumetric injector for fried products (Donuts, Berliner, Long John)

Our pistons are designed injectors anything from flavoured syrups to highly viscous fluids
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